President Seeds Queen of Sheba Feminized 3 Seeds


Queen of Sheba Feminized


This Sherbet-based strain was truly born into royalty. Her indica genetics have their origins in Girl Scout Cookies, and she is renowned for her exotic fruity aromas of melon and mango. Like the Sheba of legend, this strain comes bearing gifts just for you: she’s an easy simple grow for the home grower, flourishes in any grow medium and should produce above-average yields while staying bushy and low-to-medium height. She’ll take around 11 weeks from seed to harvest. All the stories you’ve heard about the beauty of her buds are true: she’ll give you firm, dense, sticky nugs with a sparkling frosted finish, thanks to all those gorgeous trichomes glistening with THC which can reach over 20% in prime conditions. She’ll deliver a creative and stress-busting high with a body stone of Biblical proportions – just one reason why she’s popular with medical and recreational users alike. Prize-winning genetics, fit for a Queen!

3 seed pack